Removing the dress stains is really a technical process. When you put on your tea length wedding dresses happily on the big day, only to find the stamp of the cosmetic or ink blot on the dress. What a big embarrassment for the newlywed! Provision should be made for bad times. Now there are several helpful tips for the couples.

But before this, you should consult with the professional designers in the dress studio for different texture of different ceremonial dresses. As a result, even the same cleaning method will lead to different results.

1. Ink blot
What should you do when the ink blot is spilled on the dress?
Quick remedial way: Use a little hairspray by the absorbent ball and gently wipe the ink blot off the dress.

2. Water stains
It is possible that the sweats and tears will leave water stains on the ceremonial dress. You should quickly suck water dry with the clean white towel. What we need to pay attention to is that the drier will make the water stains bigger.

Quick remedial way: Use the hand-held steam iron to remove the water stains. But you should ask for the designer if the steam iron is suitable for your dress fabric.

3. Cosmetic stains
Given that you will receive many blessings and kisses from others on the big day, the cosmetic stains on the dress are inevitable.

Quick remedial way: Never wipe the cosmetic stains. You just need to put a little soda water on the place of stains and a little salt to suck water, and then hang the dress dry. If there is still print on the dress after air-dry, we can use the white chalk or talcum powder to cover the prints.

4. Oil stains
A drop of salad sauce could instantaneously destroy the pure and holy wedding dresses.

Quick remedial way: Use a little corn flour or talcum powder with the cotton swab to cover the oil stains to suck the oil. After 15 minutes, you should wipe the white powder out with clean white towel. If it is still not clean, then repeat the steps.

5. Blood stains
If your finger is pricked by the brooch and it accidentally touches the tea length wedding dresses, what should you do?

Quick remedial way: Use your saliva to wet the cotton swab and wipe the blood stains gently for the acidic components of saliva could resolve the blood stains. This method is really effective before the blood stains become dry.